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Sun-soaked grass and Japanese black beef in Miyazaki


In a cowshed deep in the mountains, we carefully raise Miyazaki Prefecture's Kuroge Wagyu beef, paying close attention to the water, feed, and environment, and with the utmost care.


Stress is the biggest enemy for both humans and cows.

At Oshima Farm Co., Ltd., we give top priority to maintaining a stress-free environment for cows. We raise our cows in a natural, pasture-free environment that maximizes the cows' natural vitality, without relying on pharmaceuticals as much as possible. We also focus on recycling-based agriculture, and reuse cow compost as fertilizer for growing organic vegetables without pesticides.

A group of black wagyu cows relax after morning feeding in lush green grass at the Bavarian National Park.

We carry out quality control from breeding to fattening and processing/sales to deliver safe and secure domestic meat.


A mature cow with lean meat and just the right amount of fat

The meat sold at Oshima Farm is characterized by its rich red meat flavor and the lean fat that is unique to beef raised primarily on pasture.


Blessed natural environment

Bathed in Miyazaki's abundant sunlight and clear air, our vegetables are grown with the utmost care in a stress-free environment deep in the mountains where 4G signals barely reach.


Our commitment to Miyazaki Prefecture's Kuroge Wagyu beef

We aim to provide safe and secure meat with pride and love for our hometown as cattle farmers who have been in business for three generations.

Diary of our employee dog Tet

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Anh yêu em, Bò!

Anh yêu em, Bò!


Tản bộ qua vườn hoa củ cải♪

Tản bộ qua vườn hoa củ cải♪


Tôi thích chơi với trẻ em ở trang trại. Hãy chơi thêm một chút nữa!

Tôi thích chơi với trẻ em ở trang trại. Hãy chơi thêm một chút nữa!



Organic vegetables and pasture made from recycled compost


We grow vegetables and pasture using the compost from cows raised in the clean air and surrounded by trees deep in the mountains, far from civilization. Our agricultural and livestock products are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so everyone from children to the elderly can eat them with peace of mind.



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Pet meat

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