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Company Profile

Company name

Oshima Farm Co., Ltd.

The Main office & Cattle Ranch


4481 Hioki Kaminosono, Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture

Sales Office in Tokyo


3-5-10 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sales Office Main Number



July 20, 1964

Company Establishment

April 24, 2023


Etsuko Oshima


5 million yen

Business Contents

Breeding and fattening of Japanese Black cattle, wholesale and sales of beef.

We operate farm accommodation facilities and manage everything from cattle production and fattening to processing and sales, delivering safe and secure beef directly from the farm to consumers.

number of employees

Five people

Main Banks

Miyazaki Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative

Cattle Ranch Introduction Video of Oshima Farm Co., Ltd.

The cows raised in this vast pastureland and forest are resistant to diseases and spend their days freely in a natural environment. Oshima Farm Co., Ltd. also offers farm stay facilities where you can stay and experience farming under the theme of "food education." If you are interested, please contact us via the inquiry form on this website.

Message from the CEO



  • Origin

    • Miyazaki Prefecture

  • Residence:

    • Minato-ku, Tokyo

    • Shintomi Town, Koyu District, Miyazaki Prefecture

  • Education

    • Shoreline Community College

    • Miyazaki Prefectural Women's Junior College

    • Miyazaki Prefectural Tsuma High School

  • Work history

    • 20 years in the IT industry including Google, Microsoft and VMware

"I wake up in the morning and have miso soup made with organic vegetables picked from the fields and an omelet made with free-range eggs for breakfast." These were the memories of my childhood when having organic foods was nothing special and was just a part of my childhood grown up in a farm. 

Thank you for visiting our website.  Since the company was founded by my father, we have been working on breeding Miyazaki Prefecture's Kuroge Wagyu beef and cultivating vegetables, based on the management philosophy of "devoting ourselves to providing safe and secure food with sincerity."
Currently, Japan faces issues such as a decline in food self-sufficiency and a lack of young agricultural successors. In addition, while people are increasingly concerned about their health and diet due to the recent pandemic, safe and secure food is too exclusive and expensive that make us difficult to incorporate into our daily lives.  Our company ensures the quality of our products including beef and vegetables by handling from  production to sales.  Moreover, by utilizing my 20 years of experience in the top IT industry, our farm provides services that improve efficiency through the latest agricultural IT technology which will enable us to produce high quality organic foods with affordable prices. We will continue to make unremitting efforts to become a corporate organization that can contribute to the local community as well as the global needs.


Etsuko Oshima


Tours and Farm stays


Meat sales


Meat for Pets

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